Graduates of Fall 2010 have much to be proud of in time at GVSU

Lauren Fitch

Congratulations are in order to the graduating class of Fall 2010 as its students prepare for wherever post-Grand Valley State University life will take them. Most of the undergraduate class began their time at GVSU in 2006 or 2007, and as the years alternated between dragging by during exam time and flying by as projects and extracurricular activities were completed, much has happened at GVSU during these past few years.

The physical campus looks much different than it did when we first began at GVSU with the construction of the Laker Turf building, the new Niemeyer Learning and Living Center and the Connection as well as several other living centers that opened earlier this year. GVSU has received recognition for its sustainability efforts, the size of the student body has continued to grow and the university earned its re-accreditation in 2008. Just this past semester, GVSU has had many proud moments with the women’s soccer and cross country teams recently winning national titles, students writing and performing an original production, “The Founding,” about GVSU’s history, several students and professors receiving academic awards and numerous groups of the student body collaborating on the production of the university LipDub video. The entire community has spent the semester celebrating the university’s 50th anniversary, which is an important milestone as well.

As the most-recent class of GVSU graduates prepares to go its separate ways, the experiences shared at GVSU will continue to impact how they navigate the rest of their lives. The graduating class represents a diverse group with varied backgrounds, interests, achievements and goals. We leave GVSU to continue our lives’ journey while knowing future classes will pick up where we left off in university life.

As a senior about to graduate, myself, I would like to thank the GVSU community for all its done to shape my life and prepare me for my future. While the work for classes and all the issues of the Lanthorn have provided me with invaluable lessons, the most meaningful aspects of my time at GVSU have been the relationships built. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had during my time at GVSU, and I would like to again congratulate my fellow seniors on all their contributions that make this university such a great one.