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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to ride The Rapid? 

The bus is free with a valid student, faculty or staff ID card. 

What do I do if I left an item on the bus?

Any item left on the bus is taken back to The Rapid Central Station in Grand Rapids. 

How late does the bus run?

Visit GVSU Transportation Services’ website and click “Schedules” to view the latest schedules are they are updated frequently. 

Can I take the bus to…?

You can take any Rapid bus throughout the city for free. Visit GVSU Transportation Services’ website and click “Take a Bus” then “How Do I Get To…” for a list of frequently requested destinations. 

When will the next bus arrive?

Visit www.connec.ridetherapids.org/infopoint to find out when the bus you are waiting for will show up. 

How to get to popular places in the Grand Rapids area and its suburbs via bus

Many Grand Valley State University students don’t have their cars with them on campus and some don’t even have cars to bring to begin with. Those students who are lucky enough to have cars often opt not to drive to save on gas or preserve miles. Thankfully, there is an alternative transportation solution for every Laker student, staff and faculty member: The Rapids. If you aren’t familiar with the bus system, it can be confusing and overwhelming to navigate. What many people don’t know is that The Rapid stops at a plethora of locations around the greater Grand Rapids area. Below is a list of popular places for students to visit and how to get there through the bus. 

Tips for riding The Rapid