LipDub alliance

LipDub rekindled the Laker spirit across campus as thousands of students and numerous faculty, staff and administration personnel joined in the promotion of Grand Valley State University.

A different sort of energy filled the Allendale campus last Wednesday as the filming of GVSU’s very own music video took place across campus. Numerous student groups showcased their different talents, faculty got involved and passers-by joined in, all to the tune of “Come Sail Away.”

This type of campus-wide unity is a rare occasion. Seldom does one event spark the interest of such a broad group of the GVSU population, and all centered around the simple idea of creating a lip-sync video to promote the university.

“Simple” may not be exactly the correct term for it, though, as planning for the film began in April. The organizers had to carefully choreograph each segment of the video, coordinate the timing for each group performance, recruit thousands of students to participate and keep it all on track to the song. Campus was a bit chaotic during the filming, but everyone seemed to support the shared goal of creating a fun glimpse into the student body of GVSU.

Professors didn’t seem to mind starting class a bit late as students were slowed by the cameras and following procession across campus. Students put off their study time a little longer to sit on the lawn by Zumberge Pond and watch the production in action. For one day, conversations focused on a single campus event.

Unlike other campus-wide activities, everyone was equally qualified to participate in this one. It was not focused on a single sports team, student organization or artistic performance. Everyone was welcome to showcase their individuality and how it contributes to GVSU as a whole.

The united front presented for LipDub is worth aspiring to in future events. Any excuse members of the GVSU community can find to come together for a single goal is a good one. As the university now awaits the premier of the LipDub video, those involved should try to retain the Laker harmony sparked by the filming as together we “try to carry on.”