Cynthia Nixon a refreshing choice for governor

Shae Slaughter

Politics have long been considered a field that is predominantly filled with old, white men. This assumption isn’t surprising considering that even today, less than 20 percent of congressional positions are filled with either a woman and/or a minority. However, this year’s election cycle has recorded a record number of women running for office, which is, in my opinion, a change for the better. One of those women is Cynthia Nixon, and she is a great example of the refreshing change that is starting to show in politics.

Nixon may be better known for her role as Miranda in the hit sitcom “Sex and the City,” but nowadays, she is a strong advocate for LGBTQ rights, women’s health care and better schooling. Perhaps most importantly, she has turned her advocacy into a more active pursuit and is currently running for governor of New York against fellow party member and incumbent Andrew Cuomo. 

There is no doubt that Nixon has experienced a lot of success in her life. In some ways, she even seems to be unattainable to average people, but she wasn’t always a hit actress. On her campaign website, she explains that she “grew up in a one-bedroom fifth floor walk-up” with her mom, and that she started acting to pay for college. She also explains that when she was younger, she believed anything was possible, and she wants to restore that feeling to the youth of New York.

To me, this is a very relatable experience, and I can respect her ability to work hard for her success. Building oneself up from the ground floor is not something frequently seen in politics, at least not historically. That’s why we see dynasties like the Kennedys’ or the Clintons’. What I really appreciate about Nixon is that she is not a classic politician. She has had a good career in her own right and is now looking to make a difference for her home state.

Nixon represents a lot of what I would like to see in politics moving forward. For one, she is diverse because she is an openly gay woman who has had a vast and varied career. Secondly, she is focusing her campaign on important issues, such as eliminating inequalities that exist within New York, which is a problem that could use fixing throughout the whole country. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, she seems like a real person who is not afraid to be herself, talk to a supporter or tweet a joke.

Ideally, this trend will continue because diversity in politics isn’t even really a matter of diversity—it is a matter of normalcy. Our country is not 80 percent white men, so why should our government be? There is plenty of room for change and growth in politics, and I believe that we’ve seen some progress as recently as the last few months. I look forward to seeing what Nixon does in her campaign but also to seeing these skewed demographics change over time.