“I do. When I walk around campus, I see a lot of clubs around for a lot of issues actually that I’ve seen, and also ones that I have issues with myself. A lot of my friends are in clubs and they’ve had plenty of chance to get their word out and talk about issues that deal with them and others.”

Matt Macgregor, Junior, Supply chain management. Grand Rapids

“Yeah, I think so. If you have something you want to say, you can definitely find the right place to say it here. There’s equal opportunity for everyone to voice their opinion.”

Caleb Smith, Junior, Communications. Grand Rapids.

“I think they do, I just think that not enough people know about them enough to actually hear topics about it, because I’ve never even been to one. I’m sure there has been, but I’ve never heard of anything.”

Alanis Bleakley, Sophomore, undecided. Macomb township.

“Yes. My classmate and I, we were doing a paper on culture and diversity, so i believe it is. Its really open to talk about. This is the first time I’ve ever been in another environment where its open to discuss it. (My husband and I) were stationed in New Mexico, and I felt it was diverse, but no one spoke of the differences and how someone across the border was treated, compared to someone born in the states. Its really open here.”

Ann Marie Arnold, Freshman transfer, Nursing. Mt. Pleasant, Texas.