GVPD adds coverage on high-risk nights

Hannah Lentz

Headline: GVPD adds coverage on high-risk nights

By Hannah Lentz

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The Grand Valley Police Department, in collaboration with Ottawa County Sheriff Department, has been given a grant by the Michigan Office of Safety and Planning to increase youth alcohol enforcement for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Though other police departments have applied for the grant, GVSU is the only police department in Michigan to be awarded it. GVPD received approximately $7,000 and the Ottawa Sheriff’s Department received around $18,000 to put toward extra patrols for underage drinkers.

With this Saturday being the first home football game of the season, it is extremely likely that the GVPD will put this grant into action, having officers on patrol at off-campus apartments as well as in the football stadium and surrounding liquor stores.

“We’ve been awarded this grant because we are taking a proactive stance on criminal behavior on and surrounding campus in the form of underage drinking,” said Capt. Brandon DeHaan. “By putting a stop to underage drinking, we can hope to prevent things that can often stem off of this, like larceny, malicious and destructive behavior and assaultive behavior.”

While GVSU has been awarded this grant on and off since the early 2000s, the police department is dedicated to putting a stop to illicit behavior. Most of the time, the extra coverage this grant allows for is utilized during high-risk times such as weekend evenings and scheduled sporting events, DeHaan said.

“The sheriff’s department and GVPD department will be on greater patrol in cars and on foot during these high risk time periods,” he said. “In order to be proactive and prevent the underage consumption of alcohol, as well as the illegal use of marijuana, students partaking in these activities will be issued a Minor in Possession (MIP) by these additional officers on patrol.”