Parking services to roll out changes for fall 2017 semester

GVL - Courtesy of

GVL – Courtesy of

Tylee Bush

Starting in the fall, Parking Services at Grand Valley State University will be implementing some changes.

“Parking Services will have new hours to better meet the needs of our campus community,” said Lisa Garringer, parking services manager at GVSU. “We will no longer be open in the late evenings.”

Parking passes for the 2017-18 year will include the following options: Student commuter (red), Lot J commuter (purple), Allendale residential (yellow), Calder (orange) and Pew resident (brown). The new hours and pricing list for the 2017-18 parking passes can be found at

“Parking permit prices are increasing slightly, as in the past, and the number of daily permits is limited to 20 per semester,” Garringer said.

These daily permits will cost $6 each. Garringer said there would also be an increased amount of pay-to-park options for student convenience, and a new parking lot will be added on the Pew Campus.

Olivia Caton, parking services enforcement supervisor, said students are highly encouraged to consider utilizing The Rapid bus routes offered to the GVSU community free of charge.

“The Rapid bus routes offer a line connecting the Allendale, Pew, and CHS campuses, transportation from off-campus apartments located along 48th and Pierce, and multiple park and ride locations along the 50 route, including Walker Fire Station and Meijer,” Caton said. “By taking advantage of the free transit and planning ahead, students can save the cost of the permit, as well as the cost of gas and vehicle maintenance.”

Another advantage of The Rapid bus system is the convenient drop-off locations at main building entrances. This reduces walking distances, Caton said, and it reduces student transportation time.

“There is a growing understanding that as we grow as a university, parking convenience is lost or must come at a price,” Garringer said. “If students are going to have a car on campus more than 20 times a semester, they will need to purchase an annual parking permit, as we do not refund daily permits once an annual permit is purchased or pro-rate permit prices into the semester.”

Last year, several instances of misappropriated permits occurred, and some cases resulted in university sanctions. Garringer offered a solution for this.

“Students simply need to assess whether they need a parking permit or if the free transit services will accommodate their needs,” she said. “If you think you need a permit, buy one. For students’ convenience, this is billed directly to their student account and can be paid for with financial aid.”

If students need assistance affording a parking permit, they can contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships and speak with a specialist there.

The main goal of Parking Services is to be “proactive to reduce the number of citations issued,” Caton said.

“Parking Services encourages students to visit or call (616) 331-7275 with parking questions,” Caton said. “Our customer service staff is more than willing to answer your calls to prevent citations.”