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Hannah Lentz

District Two: 

Congress – 

Dennis Murphy 


District 2

– Works as a quality engineer in the automotive manufacturing industry 

– BA from Western Michigan University 

– Supports improving middle class wages and opportunities 

– Would like to see an increase in opportunities for young people 

– Will work to protect veterans and their care 

– Wants to see an emphasis put on protecting the environment 

Bill Huizenga (Incumbent) 


District 2 

– Currently represents Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District of the U.S. House of Representatives 

– BA from Calvin College

– Opposes abortion rights 

– Supports right to gun ownership 

– Opposes same-sex marriage 

– Believes in privatizing social security 

Erwin Haas


-MBA from Grand Valley State University

– Currently serves on the Kentwood, MI City Commission 

-Will work on updating outdated regulations

-Wants to focus on the budget

Matthew Brady

Green Party 

– BS from Northern Michigan University 

– Supports a $15/hour minimum wage 

-Believes clean energy needs to happen by 2030

-Wants to get rid of money and corruption in politics

Ronald Graeser 

Taxpayers Party

– Reluctant to have the federal government dictate financial mandates to state tax-supported schools

– Anti-abortion rights 

– Does not approve of raising taxes

Michigan House of Representatives District 88 

Kim Nagy 


District 88 

– Wants to make college and university more affordable 

– Will work to stop favoring out-of-state corporations over small businesses 

Roger Victory (Incumbent) 


– Currently serves as a Michigan House of Representative for District 88 

– Wants to reform and repeal unnecessary regulations on businesses 

– Will enhance technical education for real-word jobs 

– Supports promoting West Michigan values in Lansing 

Michigan House of Representatives District 74: 

Robin Bigger 


No platform information provided

Rob VerHeulen (Incumbent)


– Wants improve roads and bridges 

William (Bill) H. Gelineau 


No platform information provided

District 75: 

David LaGrand 


– Wants to restore school funding

– Encourages a small middle class for working families

– Supports renewable energy 

Chad Rossiter


– Degree from Michigan State University 

– Currently enrolled for Master’s degree at GVSU

– Wants to curb rising higher education costs 

– Encourages prison reform to eliminate financial waste in the budget

District 76: 

Winnie Brinks (Incumbent) 


Wants to focus on Grand Rapids

– Wants to support education 

– Wants to grow jobs and the economy 

– Will work to defend the environment 

Casey O’Neill 


– Wants to help graduates find jobs after graduation 

– Wants to reduce recidivism, incarceration costs and invest more in the mental health system 

John George 


– Degree from Michigan State University 

– Wants to give voters an alternative to continual growth of government 

– Is in favor of relaxation of concealed carry laws and the formation of a state bank  

Brandon Hoezee


– Wants to get rid of the two-party system 

District 77: 

Dana Knight 


– Graduated from from GVSU 

– Supports the armed services 

– Believes in altering the current system of government 

– Wants to even out the wage gap for equal opportunities for women 

Tommy Brann 


– Currently is the owner of Brann’s Steakhouse 

– Wants to keep the tac rate low to retain more money in local economies 

– Supports additional funding for law enforcement 

– Encourages incorporating free enterprise in classroom courses

U.S. Representative Third District 

Justin Amash (Incumbent) 


– Currently serves as a Republican member on the U.S.House of Representatives 

– B.A. and J.D. from the University of Michigan 

– Anti-abortion rights 

– Wants to repeal unconstitutional health care legislation 

– Will work to limit federal spending 

Douglas Smith 


– Wants to raise minimum wage 

– Will promote justice for Flint, Michigan 

– Supports job creation through the modernization of the energy system 

Ted Gerrard


– Thinks the U.S. Department of Education should be eliminated 

– Wants to reduce federal spending by 10 percent