?Cheat your way through the summer

Kelsey Martin

It’s that time of year again, when the Grand Valley State University population leaves campus for the summer. It becomes a deserted “no-man’s-land,” with very few students left. For those of you who do stick around to take spring/summer classes, it can be difficult to find activities to fill your free time with. So let’s be honest, we all could use a cheat sheet of the top things to do throughout the summer.

If you’re looking for something on the Allendale campus:

Treasure hunts have always been fun, no matter how old you are. What better way to explore the Ravine’s trails than to join in on the campus geocaching. See what treasures you can find.

Feeling daring this summer? Visit GVSU’s Outdoor Adventure Center in the Fieldhouse for equipment
rentals. Grab the necessities for your next camping, hiking or kayaking excursion without breaking
the bank.

If the outdoorsy adventures are not really your style, check out the farmers market on campus every
Wednesday, beginning June 4. Stop by for a quick lunch to check out the local musical talent or to
purchase a variety of local produce. Either way, the market is a must see.

Closer to the Grand Rapids campus? No problem, here are a few suggestions for you too:

Lions, tigers and bears! Oh my! No, but seriously, the John Ball Zoo’s tiger exhibit is back as of this
summer. Be sure to stop by and see those friendly felines. The zoo not only has animals, they also
have a sky trail ropes course as well as a zip line.

Sky Zone is another one for the books. It’s an indoor trampoline park where you can literally bounce
off the walls. Need I say more?

If you own a pair of dancing shoes, you more than likely belong in Rosa Parks Circle on Tuesday
nights. If you don’t own dancing shoes, you still should join because there is music as well as dance
lessons. Swing dancing is often the popular dance of choice, but the event does vary.

If you end up venturing towards the lakeshore:

Naturally during the summer, most people gravitate towards the lake and the beach. While on the
beautiful beaches of Grand Haven, be sure to walk along the pier to the lighthouse.

Grand Haven is also home to the world’s largest musical fountain. A 20 minute show of water and
lights dancing to music is displayed every night. It would be the perfect end to a long day at the

Rosy Mound Natural Area is a classic hiking trail including high wooded dunes, open dunes and a
sandy beach on the Lake Michigan shoreline. Although this park is not for the weary, the views are to
die for.

This cheat sheet should help you start out the summer right or at least let you in on some of the awesome places the greater Grand Rapids area offers. Enjoy your summer Lakers!

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