Students get involved at Campus Life Night

Campus Life Night September 4, 2018.  GVL / Amanda Rogers

Amanda Rogers

Campus Life Night September 4, 2018.  GVL / Amanda Rogers

Amanda Rogers

Crowds of students filled the streets as they made their way to Grand Valley State University’s annual Campus Life Night on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Over 400 organizations lined up their tables in Lot H to represent their favorite groups. 

Campus Life Night is a student organization fair that provides students with the chance to explore the various clubs and organizations GVSU has to offer. Students also were able to meet campus department staff and learn how they could benefit from GVSU’s countless resources. 

Students shared their passions with others, had fun exploring campus and left with all kinds of prizes and treats. Along with all the free stuff that was handed out, students also took home useful information about the different groups they were hoping to get involved with.

“I came to Campus Life Night looking to find more information about sororities here on campus,” said freshman Kayla Topp. “It’s really mobile, which is fun. There’s a lot going on and you get to meet a lot of people who are looking to get into the same stuff as you.”  

Campus Life Night aims to help students feel connected to their community, whether that is through an organization, club or Greek Life. 

“I love the buzz and the energy from all the students that come seeking out opportunities to get engaged, get involved and get connected to something that really interests them and excites them to be at Grand Valley,” said Associate Director of Campus Recreation Amy Campbell.

Campbell was one of the representatives for Campus Recreation at the event. Campus Recreation offers a variety of fitness and wellness services, as well as outdoor adventures, clubs and intramurals.

“We are trying to encourage physical activity, recreation, opportunities for students, but also the entire campus community,” Campbell said. She also believes that taking care of oneself is important and needs to be prioritized, so Campus Life Night gave her the opportunity to express these beliefs to GVSU students. 

With so many different organizations present, students were given the chance to step outside of their comfort zone and maybe try something new.

“It definitely gets you involved with people you maybe wouldn’t normally hang out with,” said graphic designer for the promotions office Nicole Zolynswy. “It also gets you interested in other organizations that many people don’t even know about it.”

From Ski Club to the Sustainable Agriculture Project, Grand Valley State University has unique opportunities for students with all kinds of interests.

“It brings everyone together,” Zolynswy said. “It is a great way of showing what we can do as a university.”