Getting the most out of summer

Getting the most out of summer

Jess Hodge

We all want to relax after school gets out, but then reality sets in that we need to work if we want to be able to go back to school next fall.

Now, we’re all dreading going to work everyday and saying goodbye to our social lives. The good news is that that doesn’t have to happen. Unless your job requires you to work eight hour days, seven days a week, you’ll eventually have free time.

Work is not the only thing that college kids should do over the summer. Yes, it is nice to work often in order to have money to spend at college, but after the stress of finals, we all need a nice vacation.

However, for those college students that do have limited free time this summer, it is important to use that time wisely. It can be easy to fall onto your couch and stare at your T.V. mindlessly and then wonder where all your time went when you get up five hours later.

The best way to make your summer fun and enjoyable is to make a summer bucket list. Make a list of every great idea or thought that you had (or saw on Pinterest). What do you want to do this summer? Go camping on the beach? Learn how to play beach volleyball or surf? Try 15 new flavors of ice cream? Find a summer fling? Travel outside of the state? There are plenty of things that don’t require too much time off of work and are a cheap way to have fun with all your friends.

It is, of course, important to make sure that you aren’t spending your entire paycheck on summer activities. The best way to save money during the summer and still accomplish everything on your bucket list is to share the fun with your friends. Those 15 flavors of ice cream that cost $4 a cone? Find 14 people who love ice cream and have everyone buy one flavor each and share! That way it’s a fun trip that comes in under $5 and is a great way to cross that off of your list.

The other important aspect of your bucket list has to be how much time it takes up. Yes, we might all want to go Hawaii, but realistically that just wouldn’t fit into a busy work schedule (it also wouldn’t fit into a college student’s budget unless you’re lucky enough to have parents that would pay for it). Even though Hawaii or California might be out of the picture, there are still plenty of other places to travel to.

A trip to Lake Michigan to lie in the sand and enjoy the sun and silence is only a few hours away for most Lakers. If you’re lucky and you get the weekend off, an extended camping trip would work as well.

Remember, summer is for enjoying; don’t work the whole time! Go out and explore a new side of the state, try a new restaurant, or go see a new band. Your summer bucket list, whether it is three things or even 30, will give you a sense of fun and relaxation during the summer.