Pour some sugar on the written word

Zee Fossett

Zee Fossett

Zee Fossett

In the movie “Brown Sugar,” the main character, Sidney, is the editor of XXL magazine. The film depicts her struggles as both a writer and a romantic.

“Brown Sugar” reaches climax as Sidney is forced to choose between marrying Kelby, her fianc?©, or letting herself fall for Dre, her childhood friend.

Sidney learns Kelby has never read her work and Dre can recite it line by line because he loves it so much. Immediately she is no longer torn between the two but convinced she’s in love with Dre as a result of his infatuation with her personality and prose.

As a writer, the presence of an audience comforts the belief we have in ourselves. Realizing that ears have heard or eyes have read our work is to illuminate our identity as craftsmen (and women) of words and magnify our distinctiveness as well.

A good number of individuals agree with me. From a small survey of fellow writers, I am pleased to share the following information:

o Writers say random things out loud sometimes and write “beyond the confines of necessity.” Writers have “the guts to publish their imagination in words.”

o Writers value good pens and new notebooks with blank pages.

o Self critique, experimentation, seeking feedback, accepting constructive criticism and learning the craft are critical elements for the development of a writer.

My experience as a writer has taught me it’s about reaching your own level. Everyone’s brain is crafted differently and I believe that fact manifests itself in all writing, no matter the genre. I know I’m a writer because every day, all I can think about is writing.

The survey revealed a good number of writers feel they cannot survive in life or in words without inspiration. This same concept is the struggle Sidney contended with as she felt content with Kelby but elated and stirred with Dre. She chose the option that fulfilled her as an individual and a writer.

It’s been said that “whoever tells the stories, defines the culture.” To all readers, thank you for reading my thoughts and responding as best you saw fit. I hope I’ve served my cultures well.

To all writers, craft your definition with respect to who you are and the passion you have for life. There is a light to be seen in the body of your talent. There are Froot Loops waiting to be eaten. There’s oatmeal … and brown sugar.

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