GVSU named ETC College of the Year 2014

Hannah Lentz

Grand Valley State University has been recognized as ‘Educate to Career (ETC) College of the Year 2014’ as of December 2014.

This is the first time GVSU has been nominated for ETC College of the Year. The criteria for universities considered for the award include the need for exceptional value to students, low student loan default rates and graduates who secure jobs in their field of study after graduation.

“We are pleased to recognize Grand Valley State University as the ETC College of the Year for 2014,” Michael Havis, President of Educate to Career, said in a recent press release. “Grand Valley State University, out of 1,224 colleges considered, has delivered exceptional educational value to its students.

“…The outcomes of GVSU graduates are in sharp contrast with the typical outcomes of graduates, even from elite colleges where graduates are struggling to find career tracking jobs and meet their student loan obligations.”

Currently, GVSU is one of the top 100 largest public universities in the nation with a student enrollment of over 25,000 students. Offering over 86 undergraduate and 33 graduate degree programs, GVSU is expanding exponentially to cater to the needs of the growing student population.

“Without a doubt, we are honored to receive this recognition from ETC,” Lynn Blue, vice provost and dean of Academic Services and Information Technology said. “It is especially gratifying when an external research organization confirms that we, the university and our students, are among the best in the U.S.”

The ETC Index analyzes the quality and participation of students when they enter a given college, the total costs related to attending the college, how cost conscious the university is and the outcomes of the students when they enter their perspective job market. The rankings results are then determined by which schools did the best job of improving the average earnings and the number of jobs students receive that relate to their major.

“We work hard to provide an exceptional education experience while keeping tuition low. At Grand Valley, the education experience includes learning activities within the classroom as well as other high impact experiences that occur outside the classroom,” Blue said.

One element that improved GVSU’s rankings is the university’s commitment to providing internships in businesses and organizations that give students firsthand experience and exposure to potential job opportunities. This university emphasis adds to GVSU’s mission to provide a liberal education that will give graduating students the skills needed to excel in positions that employers are looking to fill from their experiences at GVSU.

“Our stellar performance is what will continue to attract top students and faculty to Grand Valley,” Blue said. “Our applications are again up for the fall semester when compared to last year’s number. We continue to work to attract students and then keep them until they achieve their degree and move on with their educational or career plans.”