Professors, please don’t assign homework over break

Amy McNeel

Dear Professors, 

Please do not assign homework over break. Most students, myself included, have been long awaiting Thanksgiving break, and finally, it’s only days away. Even better, winter holiday will soon follow, and let me tell you, these holidays are much needed.

When I think of holiday breaks, I think of them as truly what they are called: breaks. That is, I think of much-needed relaxation, delicious food, quality family time and a period of recuperation after a very taxing few months. 

However, in the back of my mind, I know that my break will probably be disrupted by a handful of homework assignments: One professor assigns an essay, another wants the class to read a book or two, and a third thinks it’s a good idea to have an exam in the days immediately following break. Each assignment really adds up, resulting in a lot of lost time, as well as additional stress in a period that is supposed to be a de-stressor for students.

So, professors, please do not assign homework over break. A holiday break is not only supposed to be a time physically away from the school but also a time away from the schoolwork. Giving out homework defeats the whole purpose of having time off. Plus, most of us don’t have a lot of time to spare. The holidays are about traditions and spending time with family, and some of us haven’t seen our families in a really long time. When we’re on break, we want to spend time with them, not locked in our rooms scratching pen against paper. 

Furthermore, as a student, let me tell you that I seriously, truly, genuinely need a break. Why? Because I haven’t had one since Labor Day. Instead, I’ve been chugging along. I’ve done papers upon papers, a handful of exams and a monumental amount of homework. Long story short, my brain is fried. I can see my grades slowly falling into an endless abyss, and I can see my mental state falling along with them. To save my sanity as well as my grades, I need to take time off. I need to recuperate and come back stronger than I left. Professors, you can help make this happen by not assigning homework. 

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why assigning homework over break is tempting. There’s a lot of material to cover and not a lot of time left in the semester. However, I really don’t think that assigning homework over break is a proactive solution. The result will most likely not be well-thought-out work, but instead a rush and mess of an assignment filled with information not retained. It will not help the student, and the outcome will not be profound. With this in mind, I have a question: Professors, do you really think that homework over holidays is beneficial for either of us? 

To make the very most out of the upcoming holiday breaks, I ask you to not assign homework. Remember, this break is not only for us but for you. We want a break as much as you do. If you can do us the favor of not giving homework over break, we can do our best to come back ready and motivated to take on the rest of the semester strong. Professors, I hope you take my claim into consideration. Let’s make these breaks enjoyable for all.