Bowling club hopes the second time around is better

Tate Baker

Due to lack of organization and interest, the Grand Valley State University bowling club had no choice but to shut down altogether, leading to the end of their existence. After a year out of commission, GVSU has hoped that they have found someone to help rebirth the previously defunct program.

“After having several conversations with Mike Eaton, I feel pretty confident that the bowling club can be successful this time around,” said Eric Gravelink, coordinator of club sports at GVSU. “We really just need someone that is engaged within the program and (Mike) seems like he will bring that.”

Now the man in control of the reigns for GVSU’s bowling club, Mike Eaton brings over 30 years of coaching experience to Allendale, which includes experience at the high school level and also Division II NAIA experience from Davenport University.

“I’m really excited to develop a program from the ground up,” Eaton said. “Once we get some of the ground work done and things organized, we should feel pretty confident with building this program.”

Eaton and Garvelink both believe the key to the bowling clubs success this time around is simply organization – something they didn’t have too much of the first time.

“The reason the club failed before was due to a lack of organization from various members of the club,” Gravelink said. “We have people interested in bowling at GVSU. It just takes someone like Mike to get things going.”

One of the main reasons the bowling club has a great chance for rebirth is the fact that GVSU successfully puts 34 different club sports teams on the field, court or where ever it may be each year. Bowling would without a doubt benefit by rejoining the vast lists of clubs.

“It’s great to have our club sports continue to grow and improve,” Gravelink said. “We would all like to see the bowling club make a comeback.”

Of course you can’t start up a program that ceased existence without having interest from students. That is something Eaton believes won’t be a problem.

“I keep getting calls from local kids around the area that are interested in bowling at the collegiate level,” Eaton said. “It’s not a matter of getting kids interest, but rather a matter of getting the program up and running.”

Eaton brings a certain drive to the bowling club, which is imperative to success. He not only wants to compete, but also plans to get the bowling club back to prominence. This all happens with time and growth.

“I was a part of a national championship at Davenport University, and have had numerous kids compete for state championships at the high school level as well,” Eaton said. “I feel like we can eventually have the same success here at GVSU.”

Any students interested in joining the bowling club are asked to go to the informational meeting in Kirkhof Center, room 2201, which is scheduled to take place today from 5:30-7 p.m.
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