Spending the extra money for spring break is worth it

Shae Slaughter

If you’ve ever had a bank account balance of $.06 raise your hand. I can’t see you, nor can you see me, but I’m raising my hand. That’s right folks, like most college students I’m not exactly rolling in the dough, but it’s not for lack of trying. Even with three jobs, my savings account is not nearly as large as I would wish it to be. Tuition, rent, gas, it all adds up. I’m not the most frugal person in the world, I’ve been known to treat myself to fro yo a bit too often, but I also don’t throw my money around without any thought. That being said, I plan to drop a considerable amount of money on spring break this year.

*Audible gasps* that’s right, I’m being financially irresponsible, take that 401K. While I know that my money could be used to pay for my rent, textbooks for a summer semester or buckets of said fro yo, I chose instead to spend it on spring break. The answer why is more simple than some people might imagine. The answer is… because it’s worth it.

Lame right? That’s hardly a reason, but yet it is. Of course there are always more logical of ways to spend your money, but in the wise words of Parks and Rec, treat yourself. You’re only young once, don’t waste it. Spend that $100 you earned delivering pizzas on a hotel room in North Carolina instead of on The Norton Anthology of English Literature. I promise, I won’t tell. College is important, but so is getting out and experiencing life.

When we all look back at our lives in 50 years, we won’t think about all of the money we saved, we’re going to remember the things we did and the risks we took. The best day of your life won’t be the day you buy the new iPhone, it’ll be a concert, a sunset or a walk in a park. It will be an experience, maybe one that will happen this spring break or this year.

I know that every time I go to a new city it’s clear just how much the world has to offer. There are cities with skyscrapers or farms or lakes that are waiting to be explored by our generation. Traveling won’t always be as easily accessible to us as it is now. Get out and explore before you have to work 40 hours a week or before you have a family.

That being said, use this time, this vacation, to do something spectacular. Be different than the stereotypical college student on spring break, don’t spend all of your time drinking or partying. These breaks are an opportunity, utilize them accordingly. This one trip could open a bunch of new doors for you. Maybe you’ll meet a new friend, maybe you’ll end up with interesting stories to tell.

So there it is, spend the money, suspend your weekly fro yo allowance and buy a plane ticket. Or just drive, drive to a bigger city, or a smaller one, and see something new. Yes, we’re poor, yes we have things to pay for, but we also have lives to live. Be young now, be rich later.