Marney’s continued growth key to GVSU hockey

GVL / Robert Mathews
Tim Marney

Robert Mathews

GVL / Robert Mathews Tim Marney

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Over the years, senior forward Tim Marney has continue to add different aspects of his game to become a well-rounded two-way player for the Grand Valley State University Division II men’s club hockey team.

Using his long stride and strong skating ability, Marney has the ability to create time and space for himself and his teammates. Considered a pure river skater and terrific in open ice by head coach Mike Forbes, Marney has become a big asset for the Lakers, especially on the penalty kill, a place where Forbes likes to use his skills.

“He is a solid two-way center,” Forbes said. “Tim can provide a boost of offense. He had a good weekend against Miami (Ohio) with a couple goals and has been a point per game guy for us this year.”

As a forward, putting up offensive numbers is key, but as a center in Forbes system, there are more requirements than just scoring. Constantly working on the all-around game, supporting the puck well, and being as good on the defensive side as on the offensive, has helped make Marney become an integral two-way player.

“If you do the little things well, the goals and assist will come,” Marney said. “Being my last season, I want to contribute every night and help the team the best I can to win.”

Since Marney started his freshman year on the Division III team, he was able to develop his defensive play, and gain valuable experience at the American Collegiate Hockey Association level. Instead of playing as a fourth line center on the Division II team, Marney was able to grow as a player on the Division III team with more playing time and responsibility.

“The team was stacked with talent when I was a freshman,” Marney said. “There wasn’t a whole lot of room for incoming guys that year. I had a great time playing Division III and it got me acclimated to playing in the ACHA.”

During his first season with the Division II team as a sophomore, Marney used that development to help the Lakers win a national championship.

“Tim scored a great goal for us in the national championship game against Michigan State the year we won,” Forbes said. “It was the third goal of the game and helped blow it wide open for us with a great top shelf wrist shot. Tim is capable of being a dominate player at this level.”

As a junior, Marney went back to his second straight national championship game, but came up short with a one goal loss to Florida Gulf last spring.

“I never won a major championship in my hockey career before that,” Marney said. “We had a great team my sophomore year. I was lucky enough to be a part of it and able to contribute. Two years ago was the best feeling in the world, and last year was pretty heartbreaking watching them take it away from us.”

Playing on the same line with his brother, sophomore forward Blaine Marney, has been a bright spot for Tim in his senior season.

“Growing up playing together in the backyard, we have good chemistry together,” Marney said. “It’s cool being out there with him now. We only had one year playing together in high school.”

The Lakers look to remain in the top spot in their ACHA region this spring.
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