Men’s club rugby looks to come away with win over Indiana (PA)

Judson Rodriguez

Grand Valley State University may best be known for its football program but it’s football’s cousin, rugby, that is catching fire.
The Lakers top men’s rugby club opened its season up with a win at the University of Louisville, wining 20-14 on Sept. 15. With rival Indiana University of Pennsylvania next on the schedule for Saturday the Lakers, some grit and determination will be needed.

“We have a deep team who has experience,” said head coach John Mullett. ”Our team is physical and we want to win.”

Coach Mullet will look to Sean Schemmel, a returning front row player to move the line initially and set up some good runs for the Lakers. “With Sean and the Geise brothers (Dave and Dan) we have the leadership that it takes to have a success season,” said Mullett.

Rugby is a sport much like football. The teams must cross the end line to score 6 points, much like a touchdown in football. Teams can also score on a drop goal with is worth three points in a rugby union and 1 point in rugby league. The game is also decidedly different in that no pads are worn.

The game has become popularized by America’s passion for team sports and the extreme. Rugby combines the team aspect and physical individual play to produce a grueling sport that requires great team chemistry.

The physicality of rugby has skyrocketed in the last ten years said coach Mullett. Mullet and the team weight lift twice a week and hae actual rugby practice twice a week. Mullet said the team has put more emphasis on physical play this year.“The game is a great deal more physical now than it used to be,” he said.

Club president Matt Orrico said that rugby appeals to all sorts of people because anyone can play it. “I got into rugby my last semester of high school,” said Orrico, “I liked the fact that it’s a bruising sport that really anyone can play as long as you can be physical.”

Orrico said that the team had a huge weight lifted off of their shoulder after getting the first game out of the way this year. Building of their success in the first game against Louisville Orrico said the team is ready to face Indiana (PA).

“They’ve been our true rival for quite some time now and its going to be a real challenge for our guys to come out there and be productive in our biggest test so far this year,” said Orrico.

“We need to come right out of the gates and play our game, if we can do that we definitely have a good chance of coming out on top.
The Lakers will take on Indiana (PA) at home this Saturday at 1 p.m.
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