Delta Sigma Theta to educate community with ‘Week of DiSTinction’

Courtesy Photo / Delta Sigma Theta
Members of Delta Sigma Theta

Courtesy photo

Courtesy Photo / Delta Sigma Theta Members of Delta Sigma Theta

Kendal Pektas

In honor of the sorority’s core values — economic development, educational development, international awareness and involvement, physical and mental health, and political awareness — various events will be held on and around Grand Valley State University through the week. For the first time this year, these events are being referred to as the Week of DiSTinction.

“The purpose of our Delta Week is to bring the campus community together and educate them on certain issues in society,” said Janae Sims, president of Lambda Pi. “It is also a goal of our sorority to allow a place for our campus peers, especially the minorities, to network, meet new people and make new connections. We are attempting to put on programs that are uplifting, empowering, and of course, educational.”

Although the chapter is currently composed of just three members, there are still many events being held under its name. As an organization founded upon Christian principles, the sorority attended a church service at Revolution Christian Ministries on Sunday.

Today there will be an event called “Diabetes, an African American Plague,” to increase GVSU students’ awareness about diabetes. Lisa Lowery, a child diabetes specialist, will share what diabetes is, who is affected the most, clues to look for and treatments used today to help with diabetes. It will take place from 8 to 9 p.m. in Room 107C of the DeVos Center on GVSU’s Pew Campus.

The remainder of the events will consist of Study Table and Discussion, Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence, Dining with the Deltas, Karaoke Night and A Red Karpet Affair with Kappa Alpha Psi. All events are open to the public.

The study tables are already hosted biweekly, but the Week of DiSTinction version of study tables will include an hour of open discussion.

“Most events do not need extra funding, especially since as students we can book rooms for free,” said Courtney Overall, vice president of Lambda Pi. “I feel that through these events, we are really educating people, we are bringing the campus together, and we are doing it all for a good cause. Nothing that we do is out of selfish reasons — we just want to give back to the community that we are a part of.”

The events will allow attendees to discover creative ways to combat some of the issues that will be highlighted. Canned goods will be collected at all events to be given to food pantries for those in need.

“My favorite part of this as a whole is knowing that even if not everyone will take something from one of the events and make a change, it will encourage someone else to make a change,” said Kiala Newkirk, treasurer and recording secretary.

For more information about the events, visit Delta Week: A Week of DiSTinction on Facebook.

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