Fashion Club offers tips on spring, summer styles

Carola Carassa is extremely fashionable in rain boots, which are best sported in Spring.

Andrea Baker

Carola Carassa is extremely fashionable in rain boots, which are best sported in Spring.

Samantha Arnold

Fashion on the average day for college students might mean rolling out of bed and grabbing whatever clothes are clean. But Grand Valley State University’s Fashion Club has some tips to dress smart for spring.

Megan Malone, president of Fashion Club, said spring and summer styles this year include a lot of pastels and sheer materials. Floral patterns are making a comeback and look good on any piece.

“Don’t be afraid to try new and bold pieces – style is all about confidence, so when you get dressed, make sure you feel great in it,” Malone said. “For spring, instead of wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants tucked into your rain boots, try wearing leggings and a loose, flowing top with a cardigan and rain boots. This simple change can update your look without too much effort.”

Pairing high-waist floral shorts with a sheer neutral top is a great summer look for women, Malone said. Another good look is a sun dress with a bold pattern like a neutral stripe, paired with gladiator sandals and a pair of big sunglasses.

For men, a good summer look is a V-neck tee paired with bright, solid-colored shorts and Toms shoes.

“Styles that are in right now for spring 2011 are thick stripes, equestrian style clothing, mixed prints, wedge shoes and preppy accessories,” said sophomore Kate Schick, public relations officer of the Fashion Club. “For both guys and girls, I would say the best and cheapest deals are typically at a Forever 21. Clothes here typically keep up with the current trends and a low cost.”

Junior Kaitlin Myszkowski, financial officer for Fashion Club, recommended stores such as Charlotte Russe, Goodwill, Salvation Army and Plato’s Closet for bargain buys.

However, the members of Fashion Club do not simply search for styles, they also create them.

Fashion Club encourages members to design, sew and talk about clothing. As a club, the members have produced four fashion shows on campus – three of them for charity. The latest show, Compassion in Fashion, partnered with the Human Society and raised more than $400.

“Fashion Club is a great organization here at GVSU to interact with people outside of your major, gain a new perspective on fashion that you did not know before, plan exciting events on campus and help out fellow GVSU organizations along with local Grand Rapids businesses,” Schick said.

Malone said the club provides an outlet for creativity not available on some other student organizations.

“Fashion isn’t just about reading magazines and copying things you see,” she said. “It’s about finding your own personal style and embracing it.”

Fashion Club meets at 9 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Piano Room in Kirkhof Center.

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The officers of Fashion Club want to help students update their look for spring. They made a fun list of fashion “do” and “do not” and tips for students to inexpensively welcome spring into their wardrobes.

Spring style do’s

Rain boots (Try Payless or DSW for good deals)

Loose, sheer clothing

Big sunglasses (Try Forever 21)

Tom’s shoes

Healthy glow (Don’t look like Snooki – try Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer)

Bright florals

Gladiator shoes


Moisturized skin


Statement jewelry

Waterproof mascara

Spring style don’ts

Short shorts (Instead, try high-waist floral pattern shorts that end mid-thigh)



Wife beaters


Socks with sandals

Farmer’s tans

Raccoon eyes

Worn out rubber flip flops (Instead, try a strappy sandal)

Too-tight clothes

Childish beach accessories (leave the Power Rangers towel at home)