Maddie Forshee

How do you educate yourself about other religions? 

“Different ways, researching online, reading books, meeting with those people of other religions. The Kaufman Interfaith Institute is a great resource.” 

Joshua Rose


film & video

Jackson, Michigan

“Talking to people of the religion and just listening to what they have to say.” 

Brianna Miranda


Public and nonprofit administration

Monroe, Michigan

“Open-minded conversation with classmates of other religions. Being able to talk about it and hearing about what they have to say. I wish I did more of that.” 

Katie Henderson


Elementary education

Livonia, Michigan

“Whenever I hear about a religion I haven’t heard of, I research it and try to learn about it. I try to connect it with what I was brought up in and what I know.” 

Heather Andree


Psychology and sociology 

West Bloomfield, Michigan