Getting the most out of summer

Getting the most out of summer

Kelly Smith

Summer vacation is almost here. Yes, we’ve almost made it through another long year of hard work and achievement (hopefully). I’m sure many of us are looking forward to the four-month break in the warm air and cool breeze. It’s certainly a good reward for the time spent cooped up inside doing work during the cold seasons. But what are some good ways to take advantage of summer?

At this point in life, it’s a good idea to use the time off from school to increase your income levels. Having a summer job really does have its benefits. It doesn’t even have to be a boring, office job that requires hours in the same seat doing the same work. You could get a job working at a park or golf course, which provides a refreshing opportunity to be outside and be active while working. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor work, simple or busy work, having some source of income during the summer definitely makes the initial expenses of next year’s tuition a lot less stressful.

On that note, summer may even provide the perfect opportunity to discover more options for yourself in terms of your career. You might be able to find an internship that will help advance your career by improving your skills and training you for the future. Whether or not this option works out, it’s definitely something else to be considered.

While I do definitely recommend having a job of some sort, it’s also important to remember that it’s still your time off from school. Your summer doesn’t just have to involve work. Take time to enjoy being together with friends and family. Get involved in sports, go on hikes, go traveling, go to a water park or go to a ballgame. Just like during the school year, there needs to be times when you take breaks from work to give your brain a rest and enjoy your free time. Only now, you have even more time to do so. Do something fun every now and then to keep the summer spirits alive and thriving.

I know there are also some people who take classes during the summer, either online or here on campus. I don’t want to discourage people from doing this if they feel it’s necessary. I know some people do it because they want to get ahead to lessen their workload in the future, which is understandable. Others may want to make up a class that didn’t end too well. Whatever the reason, summer is also a good time to take a few extra/make-up classes while the commitments of the school year are very few. I would still recommend not going overboard though, because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself and completely neglect all of your time off.

Summer is a great time to take a long break from all the cares and worries of school. While it is good to stay busy and earn some extra money, it’s also good to spend quality time relaxing and having fun. Good luck on finals, and have a great summer!