GV professor appointed to state board

Grand Valley State University’s Paul Isely said he was “certainly surprised” when he received the news that he had been appointed to Michigan’s Utility Consumer Participation Board by Gov. Rick Snyder.

The Utility Consumer Participation Board’s main task is to allocate funds to groups representing residential energy users to give them a fair voice in cost recovery proceedings in public service.

As an associate professor of economics, Isely estimates the decision was made based on his knowledge and background in teaching courses that deal with utility rate as well as his own research reports on different utility costs for the West Michigan area.

And though Isely said he doesn’t quite know enough about the position at the time to say what he’ll bring to the table, he knows he’ll give it his all.

“I’d like to make sure I do the job to my fullest ability, like any other job I do,” Isely said.

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