ExtravaGRANDza celebrates students’ accomplishments

Hannah Lentz

New to Grand Valley State University’s campuses this year is the week-long “ExtravaGRANDza,” which will allow students to celebrate the arrival of spring and all that they have achieved this year before having to deal with the stress of final exams.

Planned and created by the Laker Traditions Team, ExtravaGRANDza is the last official tradition of the year. Though it was created in honor of graduating seniors, the events are open to all GVSU students.

“We want everyone to have fun in this event,” said assistant coordinator Darcey Sempert. “We are also trying to unite the division of classes. We want all of Grand Valley to be a fun, united family, and we hope this event will continue that.”

The Traditions Team is partnering with Spotlight Productions and several other student organizations on campus to feature a concert by country singer David Nail, a special movie showing of 21 Jump Street, and many other activities.

“This is the first year of this event, and we intend to have it again next year,” said Zachary Morford, chair of the Laker Traditions Team. “The Laker Traditions Team has partnered with many student groups, such as Spotlight Productions, to make this event a success by allowing students to celebrate the arrival of spring and all that they have done this year. This event is a new tradition, and we hope that it will gain in popularity throughout the years ahead.”

One of the eight traditions introduced to campus this year, ExtravaGRANDza will be held April 7 through April 11 with various activities hosted each day of the week for GVSU students.

“This event is an important event for Grand Valley because it’s an end of the year celebration to remember the achievements of the year while rewarding our students for their accomplishments,” Sempert said. “This event is not only for the seniors. It’s really for anyone as the last fun event for all students to remember their year at Grand Valley.”

Graduating seniors at GVSU will receive wristbands that will give them discounts to restaurants in the surrounding area. Additionally, seniors can go on the “Last Tour” around campus showcasing campus landmarks such as the Cook Carillon Tower, the football stadium press box and the Little Mac Bridge among other places. Wristbands can be collected at the 20/20 Information Desk in the Kirkhof Center.

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