“I went to the football game, it was unfortunate. I followed the soccer game on Twitter, I just saw they lost. I think (the football team) was the better team, but we just played like garbage. I knew when we snapped the ball out of the back of the end zone on our first offensive drive that we weren’t going to win.”

Brenden Childs, sophomore, Advertising/Public Relations, Macomb Township

“Yeah I did. I thought the (football game) was kind of pathetic. The defense was pretty poor. The offense was wishy-washy, but I think the defense was rough.”

Jack Paulsen, freshman, undecided, Fowlerville, MI

“I followed the football team, and I really saw the unity in the football players. I saw them really fighting for the win and although they came up short, I really feel like they did a great job.”

Jasmine Brown, Social Work and Nonprofit Administration, Chicago, Illinois

“I went to the third quarter of the football game and I went to the basketball game. They were super fun, it was really cold at the football game, so I had to leave. the basketball game was really fun, and I’m really pissed we lost on the last millisecond.”

Gabby, Dionise, sophomore, Biomedical Science, Brighton, MI