Alumnus hosts HDR photography exhibit

Courtesy Photo / Julie VerHage
Nathan Biller poses in front of one of hs favorite pieces, a photograph of a street in Stasbourg

Courtesy Photo / Julie VerHage Nathan Biller poses in front of one of hs favorite pieces, a photograph of a street in Stasbourg

Julie VerHage

A Grand Valley State University alumnus held his first photography exhibit Thursday in East Grand Rapids.

The alumnus, Nathan Biller, hosted a high dynamic range photography exhibit at 654 Croswell Ave. Several of Biller’s pieces were featured, and about 30 people attended throughout the night.

Biller first visited 654 Croswell in June and noticed the various pieces of art on display. He then contacted Jim Klaes, manager of 654 Croswell, and Deecy Smith, art organizer and promoter, to arrange a showing of his photographs. Klaes said that within a few days an art event was booked on the 654 Croswell event calendar.

There were several reasons Biller wanted to put on the event.

“Photographs aren’t really complete if they’re not printed,” he said. “Hopefully this show will generate some profits so that I can reinvest that back into my equipment. I don’t plan to get rich off my photography, but it would be great if I could finance the costs by sharing what I’m able to see with others.”

Post-event, 15 of the 24 of Biller’s in the exhibit will remain at 654 Croswell. 654 ART features a rotating gallery of work by local artists, Smith said.

Biller said he would like to host another exhibit, but he hopes to hang three of his pieces in the local buildings that were the subject of his work, such as Meijer Gardens, the JW Marriot and the GVSU campus.

Biller earned a business major and mathematics minor at GVSU and said photography became his creative outlet. Venturing through various types of photography, he has found his niche in a type called high dynamic range.

“I really enjoy the challenge of architectural HDR,” Biller said. “I’ve always loved highly technical things, and HDR photography allows me to combine this desire with the art of photography.”

Leigh Brownley, director of undergraduate business programs at GVSU, said she is not surprised that Biller became interested in photography.

“Personalities are made up of multiple factors, so finding a job that fulfills all of your personality traits is difficult,” she said. “In Nathan’s case, even though he thinks of his art as a creative outlet, the way he has chosen to express himself creatively is still very analytically and quantitatively oriented with the high dynamic range imaging photography. It seems a natural fit for him.”

According to 654 Croswell’s website, the locale is often referred to as a “work cottage.” During the day a member of the space can host a meeting, connect with others or just get work done. During the evening it becomes an art gallery and gathering place for community events and nonprofit organizations.

To learn more about 654 Croswell, visit Biller’s work can be seen at

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