‘Love and Monsters’ written with permission only for classroom submission

A letter to the Editor.


My name is Nicholas Fiore. On 2/14/2011 an article was printed about the unusual circumstances by which my girlfriend, Amanda Rzucidlo, and I came together. Though Amanda and I were interviewed for the class paper the article is based off of we did not give permission for the information therein to be distributed by any means. I was appalled by the negative light my parent’s are cast in, and because of the printing of this article I have done irreparable damage to the relationship I have with my parents. My mother and father have been outstanding parents throughout my life. All families have their moments; this does not mean I was at liberty to divulge information on mine. I have not seen a “Letters to the Editor” section or anything of that nature in the Lanthorn but that may be due to having an incomplete paper. If you do have a section for such, I would appreciate it if this was posted, to apologize to my parents for the embarrassment I have caused them publicly. I can’t even begin to fathom how I can make up for the damages I have caused, but I would like to start by apologizing to the people who have supported me the most.