Russell Hartley


Health Communications

Commerce Twp., Michigan

“I’d be willing to. That seems important to talk about- diversity and inclusion.”

Laryssa Hershauer


Allied Health to Physical Therapy

Midland, Michigan

“I guess, I’m the type of person who believes highly in giving feedback if I have time. I feel like Grand Valley should look at this type of stuff, because if they don’t they aren’t going to make any changes.”

Jorge Puga


Biochemistry and Pre-med

Cicero, Illinois

“Yes, I do plan to take the survey. It’s going to help the high-up educators learn what needs to happen here on campus and how we can help each other.”

Briana Elledge



Oak Park, Michigan

“I do plan on taking part in it. The climate survey is what helped develop the LGBT resource center, the prayer room and the women’s center. It was nice to hear that those things came about thanks to the climate survey.”