Question of the issue: “In light of the recent election, what does your social media feed look like?”

“A lot of hate toward Trump, that’s basically it. (And) a lot about the riots happening.”

Name: John McGregor

Year: Junior

Major: Supply chain management

Hometown: Rockford, Michigan

“A lot of people’s opinions and those who strongly disagree with what happened.”

Name: Morgan Casterline

Year: Senior

Major: Accounting and finance

Hometown: Forest Hills, Michigan

“It’s completely negative. Some of my friends have even thought about deleting their Facebook (accounts).”

Name: Ashley Beckstein

Year: Senior

Major: Special education

Hometown: Whitmore Lake, Michigan

“You just don’t want to go on it (because) it’s so negative and your day is ruined once you do.”

Name: Christina Healy

Year: Senior

Major: Criminal Justice

Hometown: Oxford, Michigan