Question Issue

Do you think there are enough printers for students to use on GVSU’s campuses?

“There are enough printers, just not in the right locations. There needs to be more in the Freshman dorm areas.”

Margaret Norris


Therapeutic Recreation

Farmington Hills, MI

“There needs to be some more in other buildings such as The Connection or other common areas.”

Pactra Chab


Allied Health Sciences

Holland, MI

“They should put more in popular areas. It would be really convenient if there were some inside Kleiner.” 

Contessa Garcia


Pre-physicians assistant

Saugatuck, MI

“I definitely think there are. I don’t think people are aware of the amount of printers around campus.”

Jose Rodriguez 


Liberal Studies

Muskegon, MI

“Usually yes, but the other night all but two printers in the library were working. It would help to increase the number.”

Abby O’Leary 



Novi, MI