GVSU collects marketing awards at NACMA Best of Awards

GVL Staff

While the athletic success at Grand Valley State University is well-documented, the success of the marketing and advertising departments have also been noted recently. GVSU sport’s properties was awarded by The National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators’ Best of Award segment at the recent convention in Dallas, Tex.

GVSU won awards in seven categories, led by a gold award in Season Ticket Sales Campaign. Other awards included a silver in Video Promotion and bronze in New Revenue-Generating Idea, Sponsorship Program, Promotional T-Shirt Design and Video Board Segment.

U.S. Olympic track and field trials

Top three qualify for Olympic team

Women’s 3,000 Meter Steeplechase

place name Affiliation Time

1 Emma Coburn Colorado 9:43.19

2 Bridget Franek Nike / Oregon TC Elite 9:44.05

3 Sara Hall Asics 9:44.55

4 Ashley Higginson Saucony 9:45.21

5 Shalaya Kipp Colorado 9:46.17

6 Mason Cathey Saucony 9:47.32

7 Stephanie Garcia New Balance 9:48.17

8 Carrie Dimoff Bowerman Athletic Club 9:49.03

9 Delilah DiCrescenzo Puma/New Jersey New York T C 9:49.15

10 Rebecca Wade Rice University 9:50.66

11 Lisa Aguilera Nike 9:51.02

12 Jamie Cheever Oiselle/Team USA Minnesota 9:51.42

13 Sarah Pease Unattached 9:52.43

14 Rebeka Stowe Kansas 9:53.67

15 Alyssa Kulik Clemson 9:55.14

16 Aisha Praught Unattached 9:55.78

17 Mary Goldkamp Unattached 9:57.66

18 Elizabeth Graney Grand Valley State 9:59.76

19 Collier Lawrence Oiselle 10:00.35

20 Lois Keller Brooks / Club Northwest 10:00.62

21 Nicole Bush New Balance 10:06.23

22 Shayla Houlihan Brooks 10:08.58

23 Alexi Pappas Unattached 10:17.09

24 Kara June adidas/TeamRogue 10:32.98

Women’s Discus Throw

Place Name Affiliation Top throw

1 Stephanie Brown Trafton Nike 62.83m

2 Aretha Thurmond Nike 60.21m

3 Elizabeth Podominick Unattached 59.92m

4 Shelbi Vaughan Mansfield HS 59.05m

5 Suzy Powell-Roos Asics 57.66m

6 Gia Lewis-Smallwood Unattached 57.60m

7 Beth Rohl Michigan State 57.56m

8 Anna Jelmini Arizona State 55.06m

9 Jere Summers Unattached 54.47m

10 Baillie Gibson Arizona 54.00m

11 Summer Pierson Unattached 53.96m

12 Mary Angell Unattached 53.93m

13 Kelechi Anyanwu Unattached 53.71m

14 Trecey Hoover Unattached 52.73m

15 Jeneva McCall Unattached 52.70m

16 Rachel Longfors Unattached 52.60m

17 Rachel Andres Unattached 52.55m

18 Skylar White Baylor 51.13m

19 Samantha Lockhart GVSU 50.35m

20 Jessica Maroszek Kansas 49.85m

21 Rachel Varner Unattached 49.49m

22 Whitney Ashley San Diego State 46.73m

23 Becky O’Brien S U N Y Buffalo 44.95m

F Ashley Hearn U C Davis FOUL