Question of the Issue

Name: Carlee Linden 

“Yes, but if I was a freshman, I might argue that there isn’t. I didn’t have any problems.” 

Year: Junior

Major: Diagnostic medical sonography

Hometown: Farmington, MI

Name: Douglas Chambers III

“Yes. I think there’s enough, and it’s very diverse the housing they have. However, they need more parking spaces for housing.”

Year: Freshman

Major: Biology and education 

Hometown: Grosse Pointe, MI

Name: Curt Pickford

“I don’t know about Pew, but I know they’re expanding, so there should be more coming. Campus West seems to get pretty packed.” 

Year: Sophomore 

Major: Film and video 

Hometown: Kalkaska, MI

Name: Kendall Garagiola

“No. I’m not off campus, and I almost got booted. A lot of freshmen had to go off campus.” 

Year: Freshman

Major: Nursing

Hometown: West Bloomfield, MI

Name: Courtney Carlson

“I wouldn’t know in Pew. On campus, I would say no. It goes by really fast and then you’re out of options.” 

Year: Junior

Major: Athletic Training

Hometown: Big Rapids, MI