2019: The year of new law, policy and representation across the country. The final year at GVSU for President Thomas J. Haas. The year of the pig on the Chinese calendar, signaling a year of success. 

Many see the change in calendar as a time to change their habits and make improvements for the fresh start. Although, these improvements do not always make it to the end of the year. The Chinese zodiac believes the pig to have a strong sense of responsibility, which is why the year of the pig can attract success in all spheres of life. Embracing the belief in an auspicious year can potentially motivate many to turn their new years resolutions into actual change, not just dead-end dreams.

With the beginning of each year, millions of people set off on their new goals only to throw in the towel by mid-February. In fact, according to the Statistic Brain Institute, 27 percent of new years resolutions will be abandoned by the first week and even more will deserted by week two. Many give up before the 90 day target, the trademark set of time to establish a new habit into daily life.

Psychologists believe this readiness to give up on new goals has to do with not allowing enough time to warm up to the idea. Part of this acceptance period involves specifying resolutions to set achievable goals, rather than imagining a new lifestyle only to abandon it once its feels unattainable. This is why the year of the pig can spell success for the many who annually desert their new resolutions. The pig zodiac is associated with wealth, and those born during pig years are believed to devote all their energy to achieving their goals. Harnessing this year’s attributes of wealth, determination and prosperity can be highly beneficial for those seeking a year of change and growth.

Also, recall the resolutions of years past to see what improvements have had a long time coming. Many old goals will likely need revamping or may not apply anymore, but comparing what progress was desired before to what goals are set now can put them into a clearer perspective. Wanted to lose 20 pounds last year? Hoped to eat better the year before? Don’t see past abandoned goals as failures, see them as potential hopes for the year, or as opportunities to learn and improve from.

Developing new habits also means staying away from old ones and believing that time can assist with new, positive change. Allowing time to accept new resolution goals and make the necessary adjustments to adapt, can push away early feelings of doubt. Seeing 2019 as a year bound for success, rather than a fresh start, could make new year resolutions feel possible, and totally worth the time and effort. 

Good luck to all that are hoping to make positive changes in 2019 and remember that the year of the pig is on your side.