Olde World Music Club brings St. Patrick’s Day to life

Shelby Pendowski

St. Patrick’s Day hasn’t always been about social celebrations and drinking green beer. The traditional day is actually in honor of an Irish saint for his devotion to Christianity, and is a major holiday in Ireland.

This year, the Grand Valley State University Olde World Music Club is trying to bring back some of those classic roots by hosting a St. Patrick’s Day concert.

Their performance on March 14 at 9 p.m. is in hopes of bringing the holiday to life, said Jessica Zavala, vice president of the club.

“We are trying to get more people interested in the classics, from the Roman period to the Civil War,” said Evan Semeneck, president.

Along with performing songs they have practiced all year, including a variety of music from the renaissance period, Zavala said the group plans to perform newly learned Celtic music to incorporate the original meaning of the holiday.

The concert is free and will be held in the Thornapple room inside the Kirkhof Center, and offers an on-campus celebration option for people interested in the holiday.

“It is nice fun for crowds that can’t get into the bars,” said Semeneck. “They don’t have to worry about MIPs or getting into trouble.”

Semeneck said the close, convenient location provides a safe environment and an easy trip for students, which he hopes will draw more students in to attend the concert.

“We are trying to promote older music rather than just Justin Beiber and stuff on the radio,” Semeneck said.

Included in the variety of music, the group will also be showcasing an original, untitled song written by GVSU student Malik Ming. And for students to participate in the performance, they will have a designated dance floor.

“I think the music will be the best part of the concert, as well as the atmosphere,” said Amber Downs, clarinet player. “We always end up having a really good time when we preform, and the audience seems to be entertained too.”

The Olde World Music Club performed several times last semester, but this is the first year they are having a St. Patrick’s Day performance. Semeneck said the group is excited to see all their preparations come together, and to share the music with students.

“We have been working all year,” Zavala said. “(The music) kind of reminds us of our history and where we come from, and teaches us about other cultures and brings the present and past together.”

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