This article full of Racism, Anti-Semitism and general hatred

Dear Editor in Chief of the Lanthorn Newspaper,

I came across an article on Facebook entitled; There is only room for one holiday, posted by an appalled friend of mine. My friends commented that the article was, “the most ignorant and racist article I have ever read” which sparked interest in me to read the editorial. Now I don’t know if this editorial is supposed to be satirical, but I don’t believe that to be the case. After I read this garbage I was left in shock, and I was completely beside myself so much so that it prompted me to write this letter to you voicing my opinion. This article full of Racism, Anti-Semitism and general hatred towards all and needs to be removed immediately and there needs to be a retraction editorial written apologizing for the blatant ignorance shown by the writer. Furthermore there needs to be some disciplinary action against Chris Slattery, the writer of the editorial. Even if this is some sort of twist sick joke, it’s unacceptable to be published in any credible newspaper. Unless you take action immediately I’ll be forced to send this the dean of Grand Valley and get his opinion on the matter

Sincerely a concerned American,