Letter to the Editor: Students to compete in Spartan Death Race

Dear Editor,

Two students from Michigan universities are partaking in an adventure race that warns contestants, “you may die.”
Nick Place, a senior at GVSU, and Evan McNabb, a senior at MSU, will be making the journey to Pittsfield, Vermont to compete in the Spartan Death Race.
Each obstacle in the death race pushes both physical and mental boundaries. They are specifically designed to break the human will over the course of 40 miles. To add to the difficulty, participants are not told what to expect in the race, and are simply given a list of equipment to bring two weeks before the race.
“The Death Race is a challenge that simulates all challenges. The goal is to survive and you achieve this by walking across the finish line. This is exactly what we intend to do,” Nick stated. Evan then jumped in to explain that, “the mental and physical preparation needed for this race is parallel to what is necessary for everyday life. This aggressive approach to challenges and new experiences allows us to live life to the fullest.”
With only about fifteen percent of the contestants expected to complete the race, those who do finish are considered to be truly exceptional individuals.

Nick Place
Spartan Death Race Participant