G3 camp extends deadline for summer workshops

GVL / Courtesy - Diane Miller
GVSU G3 summer camp

Diane Miller

GVL / Courtesy – Diane Miller GVSU G3 summer camp

Hannah Lentz

Multi-generational camps are a growing trend in universities across the state and nation. For the fifth consecutive year, Grand Valley State University will be hosting its grandparent and grandchildren G3 camp on the Allendale Campus from June 21 to June 23 to provide an opportunity for family bonding and summer fun.

In order to allow for as many attendees as possible, the registration deadline has been extended to May 16.

Participants wishing to attend can either sign up for the traditional overnight camp sessions housed in the Niemeyer Living Center or the commuter option, new this year.

“Grand Valley’s G3 camp has been extremely popular among the participants, as well as the faculty and staff,” said Diane Miller, program coordinator of the camp. “This outreach program is an educational and enjoyable camp experience and has provided a great opportunity for generations to connect, bond and live on GVSU’s campus.”

Hosted by GVSU’s Regional Math and Science Center, the G3 camp (Grandparents, Grandkids, GVSU) hosts between 90-120 participants each year.

During their time at GVSU, faculty, staff, students, grandparents and grandchildren interact, live, share meals, learn and spend quality, educational time together.

“This camp is about building relationships, bonding and creating a fun, exciting, learning environment,” Miller said. “G3 provides resources and a framework for people of all ages to experience a college setting, get familiar with campus life, and inspire a lifetime of learning.”

GVSU faculty, staff and students present a variety of special, hands-on sessions, designed to pique the interest of both grandparents and grandchildren.

“Research has shown that the bond between grandparents and grandchildren in today’s society is especially significant,” Miller said. “The relationship has a direct influence on the social development of childhood and adolescence. Equally important is the grandparent/grandchild relationship as a support mechanism in the nontraditional family role.”

Students and family members looking for financial support for the camp can utilize limited scholarships available, funded by United Bank. Information and application forms can also be found online.

Sessions include:

Zombie Brains– exploring how different parts of the human brain influence our abilities and see how “zombie brains” differ from ours. Participants create their own zombie brain.

Squishy Circuits– learning how electricity makes everyday objects, like light bulbs, work using specially formulated squishy dough.

How wet is the Earth? – using Google maps to estimate the proportion of the Earth covered with water.

Puppetry Workshop – creating puppets and inventing an original play using the GVSU puppetry club professional stage

Evening activities include:

A tour of the GVSU Carillon Tour

Climbing Wall

GVSU pool

Solar System Planetary Walk (Allendale Campus)

Staff at GVSU’s Regional Math and Science Center is available to help with G3 questions Monday though Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, visit www.gvsu.edu/g3.