Honoring the fallen

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A previous candlelight vigil held in 2011 at the clock tower.

GVL / Archive A previous candlelight vigil held in 2011 at the clock tower.

Hannah Lentz

Grand Valley State University’s Laker Traditions Team will host the first ever Laker Remembrance Day,
a day to honor any GVSU student, staff member, faculty member or alumnus who has passed away in
the last year, on Thursday on the Allendale Campus.

The event will feature live music and a candlelight vigil for the deceased. Names of about 80 former
Lakers will be called out to remember those who have passed away in the last year, and flowers
representing them will be placed in a vase located at the base of the clock tower.

Erika Noth is a member of the Laker Traditions Team and co-coordinated the Laker Remembrance

“This event is a way for students and families to come to Grand Valley’s Allendale Campus and
remember the ones they have lost,” Noth said. “It should be a way for Grand Valley students to come
together and remember.”

Following other events from the transitions team, such as the Laker for a Lifetime Kickoff event and
Family Weekend, this will be the third event the newly established team has been involved with this
academic year.

“Laker Remembrance is a chance to recognize the members of the Laker family that we have lost in
the past year and is a way of commemorating those people as both individuals and for their
contributions to our university,” said Tyler Ziola, coordinator of social media and promotions for the
Laker Traditions Team. “We hope that this inaugural tradition gives the community a moment to pause
and honor our fellow Lakers.”

The event will be held at the Cook Carillon Clock Tower at 8 p.m.

For more information, visit www.gvsu.edu/traditions/laker-remembrance-7.htm.

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