Quick Hits: GVSU to host fourth annual Global Games

Lanthorn Staff

GVSU to host Global Games Sept. 30

The fourth annual GVSU Global Games are set to take place at Kelly Family Sports Center on Sept. 30 at 6:30 p.m. The event is being put on by the Padnos International Center and the International Student Organization.

At the event, students will be able to participate in sports that originate from areas of the world such as Malaysia, England and Switzerland. Along with the foreign sports that will be taught and played, the Quiddich and table tennis clubs will be present along with the Chess/Go/Shogi and Alternative Reality clubs.

Sepak Takraw, a game originated in Malaysia, is played by two teams of three on a court that resembles a double-sized badminton setup with a net similar to that of volleyball lofted slightly above the floor. The ball is thrown, bumped and even kicked between and within the two sides. The winning team must take two of three sets, each of which go up to 21.

Bubble Futbol will return thanks to popular demand, while cricket and tchoukball will be added. Tchoukball was invented in Switzerland and is mostly played in Europe and Asia. Two teams of seven typically compete on a 27 meter x 16 meter court. The teams have three tosses to each other to get close a square-net objective sitting on the ground propped up on a 95-degree angle. When a player has the ball, they have to get rid of it within a span of three seconds, and they cannot move, therefore, they must either get the ball to a teammate or shoot the ball at the net. If the ball touches the ground, however, they must turn the ball over to the other team. If a pass or shot is intercepted by an opposing player, the team is allowed to immediately attack. The team with the most points at the end of the given time wins.