Finding ways to enjoy West Michigan winter weather

Claire Fisher

Waking up to snow in the morning can really put you in a bad mood. It makes driving more a nightmare, just walking to class makes your face sting, and we probably won’t be able to see the sun for the next few months. But if you don’t want to wake up grumpy from now until April, you should find some way to enjoy the snow.

Snow is like the roommate you really hate. They’re going to be around for a while, so you should find something about them that makes you not hate them so much. The same goes for snow, there are quite a few reasons to enjoy it and it will benefit you to focus on at least one of those reasons.

To help keep you from being one of those people who whines about the snow all season, I’ve compiled some reasons to enjoy it.

Snow is beautiful. It sparkles in the sunlight and it covers the world in a crisp white blanket. The flurries falling from the sky can be really peaceful. There’s something incredible about the way it falls on every branch of the tree and makes even the trees that have lost all their leaves look beautiful again. Snow turns the world into a snow globe and creates something beautiful we can all look at.

During the winter, being inside is wonderfully cozy. You can curl up next to the window in a huge cozy blanket, with a cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, and your favorite book or Netflix show and watch the snow fall. Sure, it’s freezing outside and the Allendale wind is blowing so hard that it’s unsafe to be outside, but you’re inside and cozy.

You can wear whatever you want during the winter. It’s winter. We’re in survival mode. You don’t have to look cute anymore, you just have to stay warm. Layer several sweaters, put on your warmest sweatpants, use those huge fuzzy socks and wear boots that are more practical than stylish. Winter in Allendale is no joke, even the mild ones get pretty severe. So get out that scarf your friend knitted you and a goofy winter hat because you can wear them all the time and it’s totally acceptable.

Complaining about the weather can help you build friendships. It’s acceptable to whine about the snow when you’re trying to make small talk. There’s nothing like hatred of the weather for bringing people together. If you’re stuck in some group project and have nothing to say, bring everyone together with a comment about how bad the roads are.

While the driving is terrible, going for a walk in the winter is still enjoyable. Obviously, this isn’t a good idea when the temperature outside is dangerous, but when it’s relatively nice and the snow is falling, a walk in the snow can be a beautiful thing. The air is crisp, it smells like snow, and the world is peaceful. Try to feel a little wonder for the beauty that’s around you.

Try to remember back to when you were a kid and the snow was something that not only got you out of school, but also presented endless opportunities for playing. Get outside with your friends, have a snowball fight, make some snow angels, write something obscene in the snow, build a snowman and have some fun.

If you don’t want to be cranky and upset for the next several months, try to find something you enjoy about the snow. West Michigan winters are long and even when they seem like they’re ending, it snows again. Get used to the idea that snow will be around and don’t be the person who is always complaining.