What made you choose to attend GVSU?

Kelly Smith

Last winter, I took WRT 150 and worked all semester toward three solid essays, one of which was a research essay. It was made clear that our topic had to be something interesting and unique. After some debating, I settled on a topic I had the most personal experience with…choosing a college.

Deep down, I always knew I’d be going to college. The question was always which one, and what I’d be doing once I got there. What really made me want to write about this topic was recalling a moment when a relative told me, “You will (go to college) if I have anything to say about it.” I began my essay by stating that I am happy to be at Grand Valley as a music major, but how many people out there feel that college may not be right for them?

I had introductory psychology with Dr. Henderson that same semester. Ironically, on a day when many people wouldn’t be there, he had an optional class meeting on the importance of knowing what you are doing after high school, whether or not it involves college.

There are many legit jobs in the world that require very little to no college experience, such as surveyor, court reporter and web developer. So, it’s not like we’re here because there’s no other option. We are here because we’ve chosen to be here, to find what Grand Valley has to offer us in our pursuit of our career choice.

Good parents and relatives will always give advice, but we should pay more attention to the students who always say, “Well, my parents want…” At this point, drop that. Unless you’re commuting, your parents aren’t with you all the time. This is your first experience away from home, with much more responsibility. So why would you put that much more work into school work that your parents want you to do?

Just like dealing with introverts in social events, we must realize that not everyone is fit for college. So the big question is…why are you here? Are you here for your own education, or the one someone else wants you to have?

There is no point in getting a good job in the future that makes decent, or even good money, if you’re just going to roll your eyes about it every 10 minutes. I realize this country isn’t perfect, but America has always been known for granting its citizens the freedom to choose their path in life. While some people use this in negative ways, it allows many people to pursue different careers because they want to benefit the nation, even the world, with their talents.

Why is a degree in medicine far more often accepted than a music performance career? They both have potential. If you are unsure about your own career choice, stop and think about how you will live through that job afterwards, and let one question constantly flow through your mind: Is it really worth it?