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“I have not, but I have friends who have. One of them came over for a weekend, and my friend gave him her parking pass, and he parked here for the weekend while we went to Michigan State.”

Taylor Rosenbrook, freshman, undecided, Lake Orion, MI

“I actually just got a vehicle on campus this semester, prior to that I was using the bus. I feel like if anyone does do that, it’s unfair to people who payed the very expensive parking pass, in my opinion.”

Alvin Dann Jr., senior, communication studies, Detroit

“I live in the resident area, and lots of people park there, so sometimes I have to park in commuter parking just to find a spot, then you get ticketed for that, which is dumb, because I still payed for a parking pass.”

Emma Licholat, sophomore, psychology, Berkley, MI

“I personally have not, but my roommate has. I came home one day and he had 11 tickets from not having checked his car since, I don’t know how long.”

Noah Spears, junior, exercise science, Portage, MI