Grand Rapids music scene ready for February

GVL / Courtesy Photo
Talitha Snowden is the lead singer of the band Life Size Ghost.

Courtesy photo

GVL / Courtesy Photo Talitha Snowden is the lead singer of the band Life Size Ghost.

Chris LaFoy

Grand Rapids was the host to some great shows in January including the Wu Tang Clan, the Lemonheads and Class Actress. Promoters and bookers in town have been hard at work trying to keep fans happy with an equally exciting February.

Thursdays are emerging as one of the best nights to go see bands in West Michigan. One of tonight’s first stops should be the Intersection to check out Badfish, a popular tribute band honoring Sublime. Badfish is not a typical cover-band; their renditions of Sublime are genuine and respectful. The Intersection is always packed when their name is on the marquee.

After the Intersection, one of February’s best shows will be at Founders Brewery. Led by Grand Valley State University’s own Talitha Snowden, Life Size Ghost will be performing tonight for free. This band will surely be swept away to bigger and better things, so see them in Grand Rapids while you still can.

The last show to check out tonight is at the Pyramid Scheme. We Will Destroy You, an instrumental rock band from Texas, will be displaying their interesting and complex brand of music for Grand Rapids.

Tomorrow night’s offering from the Pyramid Scheme will be a not to miss for most of the areas true hip-hop fans. Dead Prez will be presenting their mix of catchy lyrics and sharp-tongued messages to Grand Rapids.

Jam Band fans will want to march back into the Pyramid Scheme for Saturday night’s Ultraviolet Hippopotamus show; long name, great band. This band isn’t in Grand Rapids as much as they used to be, they are now too busy with playing big festivals and touring nationally. To make the show even better, Four Finger Five will also be playing. This local band has been playing nationally for a few years for a reason. These are two of the biggest, most successful bands in Grand Rapids, go see them on one stage.

Lotus, a band with an improvisational philosophy and an electronic feel will be playing at the Intersection on Feb. 19. Lotus is a familiar band on the summer festival schedule; they have played two Rothbury festivals.

Pop-punk fans will want to be at the Intersection on Feb. 7, when Ohio band Hawthorne Heights’ tour bus will be making a quick stop in Grand Rapids.

Jazz fans, especially fans of the trumpet, will be interested in a show at St. Cecelia’s Music Center. On Feb. 9, famed trumpeter Nicholas Payton will be donning the stage with a style of jazz Payton describes as Black American Music.

The North American Choral Company is a Grand Rapids program that helps kids in public school get vocal training and perform with other kids from the area. Abrah Jackson, GVSU graduate and NACC board member suggests NACC’s concert series “Michigan Sings!” at the Grand Rapids Public Library on Feb. 19 as a way to hear great music and help a great cause.

Fans of electronic music might be noticing a noticeable incline in the number of touring musicians who are bringing their turntables and synthesizers to Grand Rapids. Big Gigantic will be performing at the Intersection on Feb. 25 and Steve Aoki and Datsik will be at the Orbit Room on the Feb. 26.

The DeVos Performance Hall will be featuring many different shows including a Broadway tribute to the Beatles and a symphonic nod to the “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.”

As always, Jukes, Billy’s, Mulligans and other local favorites will be having Michigan artists on their stage all month.

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