Finding new ways to stay fit

Emily Doran

If you’ve read any of my past columns, you know that I’m always looking for new workouts to try in order to spice up my exercise routine. So, when a Sky Zone Trampoline Park opened up in my hometown this past fall, I knew that I would have to give it a try. My family used to have a trampoline when I was a kid, and my siblings and I would spend countless hours jumping around on it, so I was understandably excited about simultaneously getting in a good workout and indulging my sense of nostalgia.

Sky Zone offers a variety of activities, including free jump, basketball, dodgeball, etc. But what really caught my eye was the “SkyRobics” class, an hour-long group workout performed on trampolines. Intrigued, my sister and I decided to go to one of the sessions over winter break.

The class was both incredibly fun and challenging, leaving me exhilarated immediately afterward and satisfyingly sore for at least a couple of days. I would definitely try it again, and I would recommend it—for several reasons—to anyone seeking a fun, new way to exercise.

First, the class was very enjoyable. Jumping on the trampolines was a great way to relieve stress and channel my inner child, all while getting my heart pumping for a good cardio workout. Adding to the inherent fun of the jumping was the energetic, supportive atmosphere generated by the other class-goers. If there’s anything better than jumping on a trampoline by yourself, it’s doing so with several other fun-seeking, fitness-loving people who are there to enjoy themselves and to start their day with a good workout. I had forgotten how much I love the friendly, upbeat vibe of group workout classes, but I immediately remembered how much I miss it when I went to Sky Zone. If you’ve never worked out in a group setting or tried an exercise class, I’d highly recommend doing so. It’s hard to be immune to the infectious fun of group workouts, even if you’re more inclined to work out alone, and you can inexpensively buy a pass at the rec center to gain access to all sorts of workout classes.

Back to “SkyRobics,” the quality of the workout is another reason I’d recommend trying a trampoline fitness class. There was obviously a lot of jumping involved, and hence a lot of cardio, but the instructor also incorporated plenty of strength-training moves, including push-ups, planks, lunges, and resistance-band training for back, biceps, triceps and shoulders. Needless to say, I finished the class already feeling both my upper body and lower body burning.

If you’re like me and you feel your motivation to exercise during the winter rapidly start to wane as the temperatures drop, or your go-to exercises simply start to feel boring, I definitely recommend that you spice up your routine by trying a new type of workout, like a trampoline class. You’ll re-energize your mind and body and give them the boost they need to stay strong and healthy during the cold winter months.