Laker Guardian hosts app logo design contest

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Laureen Horan

In an effort to increase the utilization of Grand Valley State University’s “Laker Guardian” app, Grand Valley Police Department is running a logo design contest open to all current GVSU students. 

“This contest will allow our students to showcase their talents — not only for those going into visual arts and media, but those students who design or draw as a hobby,” said GVPD Sgt. William O’Donnell. 

“We think the contest will not only provide the external validation that their logo was selected, but also gives our students the internal satisfaction that they organized, articulated, and documented a vision that was important for them. It gives a sense of ownership to the GVSU student community. It’s a great career starter opportunity.”

Along with providing students with a chance to expand their portfolio a bit, GVPD’s ultimate goal is to maximize utilization of the Laker Guardian app, which allows students to text or call police at any time, or can provide a virtual “buddy” while you walk alone. This will alert emergency contacts if the student does not check in on the app in a designated time. 

“It is basically a free blue light phone in your back pocket,” O’Donnell said. 

This app also allows another method of delivering GVSUAlert! emergency notifications. Another feature within the app allows users to text and send photos to the GVPD dispatch center.  

“We want our students saying something when they see something unusual or suspicious. The app allows them to send a quick text rather than calling and having to actually speak with us,” O’Donnell said. 

Being that less than 10 percent of the campus community uses Laker Guardian, GVPD sought ways to better market the app.  

“The Guardian safety app software was developed by Rave Mobile Safety, we spoke with their marketing staff at a conference and they encouraged us to create our own logo and make the app more visible for GVSU,” O’Donnell said. 

The first step was changing the name from “Rave Mobile” to “Laker Guardian,” in 2018,  but when it came to designing the logo, GVPD wanted to give students a chance to show off their skills.

The contest ends Friday, March 15, and the winner will be announced a week later on March 22. Entry guidelines are as follows: 

  • Each entrant must be a currently registered GVSU student
  • Individuals may submit more than one entry, joint submissions are permitted
  • There are no specific guidelines for the logo other than trying to incorporate the words “Laker” and “Guardian” if able. The logo selected will most likely be a graphic rather than photo or artwork.
  • All submitted work must be the original work of the entrant and must not include, be based on, or derived from any pre-existing or third-party designs, trademarks, or copyrighted images.

A complete list of official rules and guidelines can be found on the GVPD website. All submissions and any questions should be sent to [email protected].