On Wednesday, students had the opportunity to showcase their creative works and scholarly research at the annual Grand Valley State University Student Scholars Day. 

We would like to congratulate the hundreds of students who took part in this year’s important tradition at GVSU. Presenting one’s research and organizing a display can be time consuming and might seem intimidating, but we encourage students to take advantage of this event, as it is an important step in implementing a project into the real world.

Higher education is meant to expand our knowledge across the board, but it also should prepare students for a life after academia. Student Scholars Day is an excellent chance for students to practice presenting their work to peers and mentors, which is a skill that will undoubtedly come in handy in the workplace.

In addition, all students that presented at Student Scholars Day were required to pair up with a faculty member to mentor them. This is a prime opportunity to make those all-important connections with individuals knowledgeable in one’s desired industry. For those contemplating graduate school, the projects students create for Student Scholars Day can be great additions to grad school applications.

Students who completed and presented their projects should also look into further applications for their research and findings. For example, a project could possibly be implemented on campus or in the community to help make these better places to live. Students should use available university resources to find out if their research or suggestions from their findings could become a reality.

GVSU is able to prepare students well for post-college lives, but students must take advantage of the opportunities available to them in order to leave the university ready for the workforce.