GVSU seniors perform final dance recital

GVL / Hannah Mico.

GVL / Hannah Mico.

Audra Gamble

This semester’s graduating Dance majors will be performing their final recital this Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center room 1600 as part of their capstone class.

“We are showcasing our work as seniors that we have worked hard for during our college career,” dancer Bre Ratkowiak said. “Every semester graduating seniors put on this show to show their work and knowledge that they have learned.”

The entire recital is planned, choreographed, and performed by the students.

“We all have the responsibility to create every detail that goes into making a dance performance, including light design, music, how we will market our show and budget,” dancer Lenox Napolitan said.

The students have been working on this project all semester, some even during the summer before school started. They have choreographed pieces for themselves and also for group performances.

While the recital has taken a large amount of energy to produce, the students are excited to perform.

“I had an amazing time creating a dance for my cast, and I cannot wait to show what I created to people,” dancer Carley Klebba said.

Napolitan said she wants students to understand the amount of work that has gone into this production.

“Students should come to the senior show to have a better understanding of how much work, time, and commitment the seniors and their dancers put into every performance,” Napolitan said. “It’s not only our talent but our education.”

As these students begin the path to figuring out life after graduation, this is one of their last opportunities to perform in front of the GVSU community.

“Dance has become a part of my identity,” Napolitan said. “It is something I have always done and something I will always do. Dance allows me to express myself. Without having to speak, you can see the emotion through my body.”

Admission to the recital is free, but donations are accepted. There will be a reception following the Saturday performance.

“My favorite part of dancing is the fulfillment I get from being able to share my artistry and passion with others,” Klebba said. “I have loved performing since I was a child, but as an adult I now get enjoyment from sharing my love of dance with others. There is nothing in the world that can compare to bringing an audience member to tears through the movement you are performing for them.”

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