Do you think there are adequate resources for mental health at GVSU? 

Saliena Mey


Holland, MI 


“Yeah, there’s the counseling center that I know of. That’s really all that I know for sure.”

Alex Kayfish


Clarkston, MI


“I honestly haven’t really looked into them, so I don’t know.  They seem to have those signs everywhere that have a bunch of mental health stuff, but I haven’t really seen much in what the mental health service are here.”

Rachel Gatica


Zeeland, MI

Hospitality and Tourism Management

“I guess I don’t really know because I’ve never really had to deal with that.  I think I heard someone say that there was counseling the student service building, but I’ve never gone to it.  I feel like there are if you look for it.”

Lashawntelle Carson-Pops


Lansing, MI

Woman and Gender Studies

“I would say we have resources for mental for mental health.  I know that they’re here, but I feel like a lot of people don’t know that they’re here. So I feel like there needs to be more publicity for it.”