Grand Rapids’ most haunted

Grand Rapids most haunted

Elijah Brumback

The Michigan Paranormal Alliance, formerly Grand Rapids Area Paranormal Enthusiast or G.R.A.P.E,, have been investigating paranormal activity in Michigan and the surrounding states since the early 2000s.

Now the MPA and Cityscape Tours have come together to offer paranormal tours of Grand Rapids’ most infamous haunts. The next tour is Friday Feb. 25 and begins at 8:00 p.m.

The group meets in the City Parking Lot on Seward and Lake Michigan Dr. and typically prepares with nine buses. Tickets for the adventure are $26 per person, with the tour lasting until 11:00 p.m.

Downtown has several mysterious locations that members of MPA have investigated before, including the St. Cecilia Music Society, McFadden’s Restaurant and the basement of Ritz Coney.

McFadden’s, located at 54 S. Ionia St., which opened in 1884 as the Wellington Hotel, has been home to numerous accounts of the paranormal, some documented by MPA. Stories from the former hotel include two deaths, one of which was a young girl who committed suicide after her lover rejected her.

Management and employees at the establishment have noted peculiar sightings of morbid apparitions, objects moving on their own and the sound of disembodied footsteps on numerous occasions.

The MPA website suggests several pieces of equipment that patrons of paranormal should bring along:

-Notebook a writing utensil


-Batteries and back-up batteries (apparently, ghosts like to drain energy sources)



-Electromagnetic Field Meter

The tour provides still cameras and video cameras for guests. Only members of MPA are allowed to use tape recorders, infrared meters or dowsing rods. Thermometers, night-vision scopes, electrostatic generators, strobe lights an tone generators are also used.

The Cityscape website suggests that children are not advised on the tour due to some facts and circumstances that contain a graphic and disturbing nature.

Guest are responsible for their own safety.

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