Which Wich review: Superfood Wich

GVL / Dan Goubert
Which Wich sandwich review

GVL / Dan Goubert Which Wich sandwich review

Daniel Goubert

In light of recent concerns regarding Grand Valley State University campus dining’s lack of exciting meatless options, will Which Wich’s newly introduced vegan Superfood Wich be tasty enough to attract carnivores, herbivores and omnivores alike? Let’s get right to the meat of the matter—or lack thereof—and find out.

Which Wich, a nationwide, customizable sandwich chain that opened its GVSU location in the Laker Marketplace in the fall of 2015, debuted its Superfood Wich across the country last month. There are 13 available options to customize a Superfood Wich, including dried cranberries and candied walnuts. The “classic style” that I tried featured a vegan black bean patty, quinoa, jalapeño hummus, avocado and roasted red peppers, all bundled up in a spinach tortilla.

At a price of nearly $8, the Superfood Wich may seem pricey, but since this wrap is nearly as large as a dumbbell, it can be easily split up into two meals. And with all the heavy lifting it takes just to bring it to my mouth, I could probably even cancel my gym membership, too.

The most striking part of this wrap was the tiny bits of quinoa. Like the glitter of food, these quinoa pieces stuck to my hands, they stuck to my face and they even stuck to the fibers of my carpet as they exploded out of my Superfood Wich. With a lightly nutty and grainy taste, the quinoa wasn’t too flavorful and largely acted as packing peanuts for this bulky wrap.

The dominating flavor is the jalapeño hummus. Like peppery, capsaicin-stuffed lava, the hummus oozed a burning spiciness all over the Superfood Wich’s other ingredients. Strong tongues will enjoy the burn, but if you’re like me and can’t handle a handful of Flaming Hot Cheetos, I would recommend substituting in normal hummus.

Speaking of which, the real MVP (Most Valuable Peppers) in the Superfood Wich are the roasted red peppers. Their charred corners and plump juiciness provide a welcome kick of flavor that’s only mildly spicy.

The shy layer of avocado does its best to calm the hummus’ flames with its cool creaminess, but there’s so little avocado to be found that only the most studious palates will be able to detect it. I’d recommend adding a side of ranch dressing for a more reliable and buttery fire extinguisher.

As for the black bean patty, it does a pretty good job as the “meat” of the Superfood Wich. It’s a bit more tender than a beef burger, but the black bean patty has a savory chew, bursting bits of juicy corn and a smoky bean flavor that kept me munching happily. I could even forgive it for being so tender. I’d be tender too if I swam in jalapeño hummus all day.

Finally, the spinach tortilla successfully kept everything snuggled together while still providing a rich, floury vegetable flavor of its own.

Eating vegetarian or vegan doesn’t mean having to sacrifice flavor, and Which Wich’s Superfood Wich proves this with zesty meat alternatives. Students looking for a new vegan option or a new food adventure can now point their compass toward Which Wich.

While the quinoa was a bit too messy and the hummus was a bit too hot for me, my minor gripes could easily be avoided through Which Wich’s customization options.

I give the Superfood Wich eight stars out of 10: one for every time I spilled quinoa on my floor.